First Time Oh Gay

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
First Time Oh Gay

It all started one day on the playground of the local school. I was just swimming on the swing when my xnxxv sunny leone video came over we started talking about random stuff like usual. then out of nowhere he said to me "Would you ever do anything with a guy".

 I said idk would you. he said well if no one ever found out i probe would. i told him i agree. I have always been kind of curious i guess. we talked about it for a while. he said you wanna see mine i real forced anal against her will said ya sure. so we went to the enclosed slide and hid in there and he pulled his cock out. it was soft at the time but it as uncircumcised.

i have never seen an uncut cock before so it was different I started to get hard when he was playing with it. he then said follow me into the bathroom so you can see it better. so we went to the bathroom and hid in one of the stalls he was standing on the toilet and i was standing on the ground so it looked like only one person was in there.

he pulled his cock out and by this time it was hard he was about 8 inches big i was in awe. i asked if i could touch it he said yea so i grabbed ahold of it and started stroking it.

i didnt even ask him then i jsut started sucking him off he then went in my mouth and returned the favor right after!!!!!