Lesbian sex slave part 2

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Lesbian sex slave part 2

Hi its me again amy. last time i told you about my birthday, well this wwwxxx time it is about my /mistress/">mistress Denise dinna /party/">party which I was at. I arrived early on the saturday morning and my two mistresses told me that tonight we would have two guests joining us and I was to do as told by all of them.

They showed me into the spare room where i was told to strip to my /underwear/">underwear. I did so and stood in my black french knickers and bra. Both woman circled me for a while before handing me a bag. In the bag was a french maid outfit which i put on. There was a knock at the front door and Any went to answer it. She returned with another /girl/blonde-girl/">blonde girl behind her. She was about the same build as me but her tits where smaller and her arse alot cutter. She was going to be helping me tonight. She also was given a french maid uniform and also wore black undies accept she had a /thong/">thong on. Her name was susan

Later on the guests arrived. You had Any in skinng jeans and tank top which showed off her pink bra. Denise in a white dress which had the /panties/red-panties/">red panties and bra showing through. Then the guests a sarah and a Lucy. Lucy was a skirt and blouse where as sarah was in business trousers and blouse. The party started easy with us serving the woman food and drink until Any stood up and said, "ladies it is time for the fun to begin, maids come to the middle of the room please" we both did so and waited.

Sarah got up first and walked over to susan and told her to bend over, she did so and sarah admired her arse. she gave it a few spanks before asking "tell me susan have you ever been fucked up the arse?" "No miss" came the reply "how interesting, we will fix that soon." with that sarah turned to me. "Amy would you please get on your knees. I did so and sarah undid her trousers letting them full to her ankles, she was wearing white knickers with a pink trim
"please can you eat my pussy for me?" sarah asked. I pulled her knickers down to her knees and began to eat her pussy, she moaned with pleasure as I added fingers and nibled her clit.

I looked over to see Susan on all fours eating Lucy out which having her own pussy attacked by Denise. Then i felt Any's hands on my arse as she ripped the maid uniform off me leaving it in two on the floor. She began to rub my already /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy through my knickers. Sarah stpped back from me and stripped naked then got me to stand up. Any also naked came up next to her holding two strapons. the woman smiled. I was stripped down and had sarahs soaking wet knickers forced into my mouth and then was double penatrated in my arse and pussy at the same time!

I moaned with pleasure into the gag and turned to see susan, she was know fucking denise with a /strapon/">strapon while having her virgin arse torn apart by Lucy with a 12incher!. The girl had tears of pleasure and pain in her eyes and my frenchies in her mouth!

The party went on like this for a while and at the end of it me and the wwwxxx susan had to clean everyinch of cum off each woman and were forced to fall asleep with a strap on in our pussy arse and mouth while the woman took phots.

Hoped you like that i think it is an improvment. Would love feedback thanks for reading.