Late Night Passion

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Late Night Passion

 It is late Friday night and I walk into our bedroom pulling my t-shirt over my head as I go, I toss it into the laundry hamper and kick my sandals off and then slide my jeans down over my hips and let them fall at my /feet/">feet. I step out of the jeans and slide my hands up over my stomach, over my ribcage and unhook the clasp of my bra letting the cups fall away from my breasts and sliding the straps down over my shoulders, down my arms and eventually letting it fall to the floor. sliding my hands down my sides to my hips I hook my thumbs into the sides of my satin panties and gently slide porn videos download it down my legs to join the pile of clothes that has now gathered there. I lean forward and pull back the black satin sheets that are on our bed and sit on the edge of the mattress before swinging my legs up onto the bed. I slide into the middle of the bed, the satin sheets soft against my skin. I lean back against the pillows and pull the satin sheet up around my shoulders, shivering slightly as the satin brushes enticingly over my bare skin. I lie there reading a book and waiting for you go come home from work.

I must have fallen asleep at some point because the next thing that I remember is waking up feeling the satin of the covers above me begin to move down slowly over my body. The satin glides smoothly down my back, revealing my naked back and shoulders to you. You pause for a brief moment, looking at me and then slowly begin to slide the covers back again, even more slowly than before, down the small of my back, over my ass, and down my legs until I am completely uncovered, and completely exposed to you.

I turn my head, looking at you standing naked beside the bed. I watch as you slowly turn and walk over to where the candles sit on the dresser in our bedroom. I hear the click of a lighter, and can see the reflection of the light from the candles in the mirror behind them. I breathe in the scent of the freshly lit candles, and watch as you slowly turn and walk back towards the bed. I lie there watching you and feel the side of the bed sink slightly as you sit down, leaning over and whispering in my ear ?I love you? as you softly brush my hair away from my face.

For several minutes I just lie there with you looking at me and running your fingers through my hair, and then caressing my cheek softly. The cool night air along with the feeling of your fingertips running lightly over my skin is making me shiver in contrast to the heat that is rising between my legs. I close my eyes and feel your fingers gently running down my back, and back up over my hip, I moan softly into the pillow as your fingers run lightly up the side of my body, gently brushing against the side of my breast as you continue on up to my shoulders.. I feel you move slightly on the bed and then feel your hand again, traveling along my other side this time as you repeat the whole process again, Your hand runs down the back of the top of my leg, down my calf stopping at my ankle and gently nudging me leg to the side of the bed. Your hand moves across to my other ankle and repeats the same thing again.

I lay there on my stomach, eyes still closed and feeling you move around on the bed again, you don?t say anything but I swear I can feel you smiling as you look over me, I know you are looking at me, I can feel you watching me your gaze sweeping over my body taking in the sight of me before you. I open my mouth to speak and the words are instantly forgotten as your hand slides up the inside of my leg, making me shiver with delight. your hand moves across to the other leg, fingers slowly sliding up the inside of my other leg, but stopping before you reach the place where I am beginning to desperately want to feel your fingers now. I wriggle slightly and moan in frustration as you continue on with this torture. I hear you laugh quietly as you continue to slide your hands up and down my legs, over my ass but avoiding my now /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. I open my eyes and look up at you ad you move your hand away. Your fingertips start working their way up the sides of my body again, over the curve of my hips, the side of my rib cage then slipping them beneath me cupping my breasts in your hands. I gasp as your fingers gently circle my erect nipples, the touch of your warm hands against me makes me shiver, and your hands gently play with my breasts, occasionally pinching my nipples lightly which makes me moan into the pillow. You begin to move your hands back down, over my ribs and belly and as your fingers slide down a little bit at a time, making me wait for what I know is coming next.

As you slide your hands down I feel the warmth of your breath on my back, your fingers now gently stroking the soft skin above where I really want them. My body arches as your fingers finally slip down to the warmth between my legs that Ive been aching for you to touch for so long. Your fingers slide down and explore me, taking their time, touching me everywhere. One hand moves up slightly, and your finger starts to gently circle my clit while you pull your other hand away, within seconds the other hand is back again, between my legs, seeking out the hole that I so desperately want you to fill. The gentleness of your fingers around my clit changes tactics, starting to increase the pressure rubbing my clit, then without warning, you plunge a finger into me, I arch my back as I cry out, this is what Ive been waiting for. You start to work your fingers a little faster, reading what my body is telling your. I can feel a warm sensation in the pit of my stomach start to grow, I know Im near now. Then all of a sudden you stop. Again I cry out, as I feel you getting up off the bed. I open my eyes and look at you, watching as you stand beside the bed.

I slowly, seductively get on my hands and knees crawling to the edge of the bed while looking up into your eyes. I slowly flick my tongue out over the head of your already /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and then lick the base of your cock moving slowly, teasingly up towards the tip. I?m barely touching the head of your cock, my tongue dancing around it. Then softly and gently my moist lips lock on softly and slide down until they are just past your head, my tongue playing teasingly all over your cock as I take you in deeper. I grab onto your hips to prevent myself from swallowing you whole right away. My right hand slides over, massaging your cock in rhythm with my mouth. When you start getting really sensitive I slow down and stop sucking, but keep massaging it with my hand and gazing up into your eyes. Lifting your throbbing hard cock and lightly sliding my hand up and down the entire length I lower my head and suck one of your balls gently into my mouth and then the other as my hand continues to stroke your cock. The desire to feel your hardness in my mouth again is overwhelming, so with my hand steadying your cock, I move my mouth back over your throbbing cock, and plunge it deeply into my mouth and down my throat, taking all of you in. I can feel your cock getting even harder in my mouth, my hand slides slowly down, gently cupping and caressing your now tight balls as you let out a low guttural moan. I slowly pull my mouth back, all the way to the tip. My tongue circles the smooth skin there. I lift my hand and wrap it around the base, of your thick cock, working in unison with my mouth, as I move in a steady rythym up and down your cock. Another moan escapes as you stand there enjoying the feeling of my mouth around your cock, I can tell that you are so close to cumming and I stop, slowly sliding my mouth off of your cock and gently trailing my fingers down your inner thighs. I look up at you and whisper ?you havent been in my pussy yet" trying to look innocent but my eyes smoldering with desire. "Don?t you want my warm, tight, wet pussy surrounding your /hard/big-hard/big-hard-cock/">big hard cock?" as I lay back on the bed.

I watch as you kneel at the end of the bed and lean forward, and flick your tongue lightly over my clit, gently licking and kissing me, teasing and tasting me as your tongue explores the folds of my pussy. I squirm with delight at the new feeling building between my legs. Your fingers join in as you slip 2 fingers inside of me and continue to lick and kiss my clit. Your hands move up to my hips. Lying on my back with my arms above my head, you lift my legs slightly sucking at my clit, occasionally stopping to slip your tongue deep inside me, your hands slide up my body, to my breasts, your thumbs rubbing across my nipples and gently squeezing my breasts at the same time. The feeling of desire in my stomach is getting stronger now, I arch my back, pushing myself against you, grinding myself against your mouth, urging you to continue on. Your tongue darts deep inside of me again, and as you trails it back towards my clit I can feel my legs starting to shake, its coming and suddenly you stop and bring your lips up to meet mine, kissing me deeply. I can taste my wetness on your tongue as you thrust your hard cock deep inside of me. You begin thrusting in and out. My back arches, and my body begins to shake. I moan loudly as my first orgasm engulfs me, flooding through me like hot molten lava. I scratch my nails lightly down your back as you continue to keep fucking my tight wet pussy. My pussy is dripping wet xxx with my /sweet/">sweet juices and your cock slides easily in and out, going deeper and faster as you enjoy the flow of my juices around your cock and onto your balls. As you feel me tighten and push against you, you rise just a little higher to get deeper into me going harder and faster watching my tits move with the rhythm. My moans get louder and your cock gets thicker and harder as you thrust deeper and faster. I can feel you about to cum, "Oh My God...harder baby, harder, yes, yes, oh God, oh God" you cant take it anymore and as I cry out in cum simultaneously with me, filling my pussy.

As we both lay there on the bed, satisfied and exhausted, snuggling I gently kiss your lips and whisper ?Thank you? before falling asleep in your arms.