Spring Break Part 1

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Spring Break Part 1

It was late on a Thursday night around 11. I was texting my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Brandi about the guys off of SuperNatural. Thats when she asked if I wanted to hang out with her on Saturday through next Saturday for spring break.

"Ill have to ask mom but in sure its fine"

I just turned 18 the month before and this was going to be our last spring break together before the summer and I go away for basic training. I head down stairs and ask my mom if its alright me and Brandi hang out for spring break.

"how long is spring break?" mom asked

"just a week. We only plan to hang out this Saturday to next Saturday"

"thats fine. Here take these keys with you"

"what are they to mom?"

"I figured you would want to go to the beach house since we are only an hour away from the beach"

"/sweet/">sweet!!!! Thanks ma!"

I head back upstairs and tell Brandi that its cool and that we got a huge /surprise/">surprise.

"what type of surprise morg?"

"you will see on Saturday"

"ok well then Im going to bed since I still have school tomorrow"

"I do too but you dont see me complaining :P lol. Night sis!"

"lol night sis"

Now me and Brandi arent actually sisters even though we look alot alike. We are just best friends and have been since freshman year. We always had this special connection to where we talk about everything to each other and do everything together. Brandi is tall about 510" with long /blonde/">blonde hair, and green eyes. She is average size not /fat/">fat and not to skinny. Just perfect. Her breast size is a 36C. She is just perfect all around"

Now Im 511" with long blonde hair thats naturally straight with deep blue eyes that can read everyone like a book. At least thats what everyone tells me. Im average on size, I vary from 5-13 depending on the pants of course. And my breast size is 38C. Oh and I bascially have no ass just sayin.

So after I got off the phone with her I decided to play some games for a little on xbox live( we both like video games). After and hour or so I got tired enough and crawled into bed with the window open. The breeze with just perfect as I started to fall asleep. I woke up what seemed to be not long after I just fell asleep and realized someone was in the room with me but didnt know who it was till I looked. Of course Brandi.

"its about time you wake up beautiful! You slept through most of first hour already."

"I dont have a first, second, or seventh remember?"

"I know but I usually see you in the mornings"

"sorry honey. How can I make it up?"

"by moving over since I have no second period either"

I moved over only to let her in. By the time she was laying all the way down I snuggled against her like always. It was normal for us to be really close together. When I looked at my clock I had an hour and a half to get ready, eat and get to school. School was only 15 minutes away by car so I wasnt in that much of a rush. I got out of the bed and kissed Brandi on the cheek running away to the bathroom before she could grab me and pull me back down. I got in the shower and it only took ten minutes. When I was out, I put on some shorts that showed my tan legs and some thigh and a holister shirt on. All I had to do was blow dry my hair do my make up and eat.

All of that was easy since my mom always makes me breakfast. I went back upstairs to brush my teeth grab my school stuff and head out to find Brandi in my car with keys in hand. I asked for my keys and she said "only if I get a kiss"

"you have got to be kidding"

I started to think to myself of she was actually being serious about this or not. She doesnt know Im bi and that I liked her so it was a real shocker.

"nope. Morgan if you want the keys... Kiss me"

"ugh. Pain in my ass."

I leaned in for a kiss when she gave me a peck on the lips. Im sure I flushed because she asked if I was ok. All I could do was shake my head yes. As we started to drive I put the song on elevator by flo rida because I wanted to hear my sublifer against my windows.

We pulled in the lot and all the guys stared at me like I was /crazy/">crazy even though they knew me. Me and Brandi were popular at the school. We knew everyone and were nice to everyone even if they didnt like us. School passed by slowly and it was already 2:30 when the guano bell rung. I was waiting in my car for Brandi to get out of the school.

I asked her if she was packed and ready for the break. She was apparently neither so we drove to her alain lyle porn house. Now Im my truck once its started I can take the key out and still drive so I did so. Its probably not safe or the truck but Ive had it for about 3 years now and it seems to be just fine. I tossed my keys over to Brandi when she started to look at indian santali xvideo all my different keys and key chains. Then she asked what the two new ones were to.

"Brandi its a surprise! I told you this yesterday"

"I know haha. I was just curious"

"well looks like you will have to wait and see then. Now lets go pack you up dice my stuff is already for and then we will leave"

"what about my truck"

"its fine. I parked it in the garage while you were at school"

"oh... Thanks morg."

"sure haha"

We walked inside her house and up to her room. I dat down on the bed while she got everything out. Once she started to pack she would put some cloths in her duffle bag and the I would take some out. This continued for about 20 minutes until she realized what was happening. Thats when she pushed me on my back on her bed and straddled me. Her pussy against mine, or hands interlocked and we just stopped everything we were doing to stare at each other.

Thats when I kissed her. Her soft lips against mine... She pulled back and got off. Thats when I whispered Im so sorry and left her room. I put her keys on the counter walked out the door and to my truck. I drove off and couldnt believe what just happened. I kissed my best friend, she hated it... I left. My phone was going off but it was only 5 or 6 messages from Brandi. I was afraid to open them so I didnt. All I could think was "should I go back and explain to her how I feel?" "how would she react?"

My phone started ringing and I didnt look who was calling and jut answered. It was her... Except she was crying. I told her to calm down and I would be there in a couple of minutes. "great. First I kiss my best friend then hurt her and now Im returning even though she might not even want me there? Whats wrong with me?" thats all I said to myself before I turned my truck off walked into the house and called her name.

I heard movement upstairs so I went to her room. She was on the floor so i got down beside her facing her. She attacked me by pushing me down and crying on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and didnt let her go... I felt so horrible I didnt know what to do. But she did. Thats when she kissed me. I could feel her tears as we kissed. I pushed her back a little to wipe off her tears and got off the floor to help her up.

I took her to the bed and laid her on her back. Kissing her.. Trying to put everything I felt into that one kiss. Then I told her how I felt.

"Brandi... I like you... No I love you. Your my best friend. I want to be with you"

I thought she would push me away until she said

"I love you Morgan. Please... Kiss me and keep kissing me"

Thats what I did. I didnt stop kissing until a half hour later and realized she still had to pack. I helped her back and we left to the beach house. On the way there, there was alot of talking.

But thats for another story. I hope you enjoyed it!