Rachel and Kate Part 2

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Rachel and Kate Part 2

Rachel and Kate were the last in the changerooms after Friday /gym/">gym class. Rachel was wearing a very loose kaftan dress she had pulled on after class and Kate was wearing an oversized mens polo shirt.

Rachel went over to Kate and slid her hand up her dress and squeezed her boobs. Kate moaned with delight and pulled off her polo revealing a set of mountainous tits. Rachel kissed down her neck and eventually stopped and her boobs, beginning to suck her left nipple while teasing her right with her free hand.

Kate pushed Rach away, pulling of blowjob porn videos the kaftan. She unclipped Kate's bra, revealing a set of beautiful perky boobs. She rolled each nipple in her fingers for a few minutes before moving her mouth down to Rachel's pussy, deeply inhaling the /sweet/">sweet smell of her pussy. She bit the hem of her undies and began to pull them down with her teeth. Rachel moaned as Kate gently bit her clit and teased her wet slit with her hand.

The girls got into 69 and started /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking each other before they both came all over the change room floor.

"Mmmmm, you are amazing!" Kate murmured as she stuck four fingers in her dripping pussy. Rachel pumped her fingers harder and harder, all the while Kate's nipples getting more erect and her orgasm building.

"Oh my goddd! I'm cummmmiinngg!" Kate screamed, her vagina finally shooting it's load. Kate panted as Rachel put her face into her pussy and licked, occasionally sucking her clit. With her hands she teased the inside of her thighs and very erect nipples.

Rachel stopped as Kate's milf porn videos second orgasm washed through her. Kate dived to Rachel's pussy, licking and sucking until she had four orgasms, and then she shoved her fist and forearm into her limp pussy. Rachel experienced another raging orgasm, cumming eveywhere.

They both dressed and continued to Kate's house, for more lesbian fun.

Part 3 coming soon...Tell me what you want! /toys/">toys, fingering or what!