Old Men Fondled Me for 20

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Old Men Fondled Me for 20

We were on the beach and under a beach towel. Joe fondled me and brought me to the big "O". Apparently there was an older man who was watching us the whole full hd xvideo download time. I didn't see him but Joe did. After it was over. Joe said he was going to go to the car to get some sodas. Ok. When he returned 20 minutes later he had this really old and disgusting man with him.

He was /fat/">fat, hairy and had fingers like pickels. Joe told me that this old man had seen our whole escapade free porn movies download and was really turned on by it. Apparently Joe had offered me to the man to let him fondle me for 20 minutes under the same beach blanket while Joe watched. Joe had do much control over me that I reluctantly agreed.

As I sat there with the towel over the old man and me I could feel his old rough fingers start to tough me. He began by touching the inside of my thighs, rubbing them up and down. It was disgusting! But I didn't dare more or protest.

He then began rubbing me between my legs. I was so disgusted at having this creep touch me but at the same time I found myself getting very whet....... more?