To The End Game Part 2

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
To The End Game Part 2

Because John is my /friend/best-friend/">best friend, I get to hang out at his place a lot. Jenny his /girlfriend/">girlfriend was always there. Ever since I saw the sex video they made and secretly copied it, Ive been obsessed with Jenny. I always had a thing for her but that video made it unbearable for me to not have her. I knew deep down that she was a slut even if she appeared to be demure.

The way she acted in that video was so slutty she almost seemed like a /whore/">whore. And Im going to have her one way or the other. So I intentionally went to Johns place when I knew that he was away and Jenny is going to be alone. I stole his spare key last week and let myself in.

The place was quiet in the early morning. I assume Jenny is still asleep. I slowly crept into the bedroom. She was under the blanket and as far as I can tell, shes naked. I know John likes to fuck her as much as he can.

I lifted the blanket and slowly pulled it off her. I smiled. I was right. She is naked. I lingered my eyes on her for a moment. I spread her legs slowly because I dont want to wake her just yet. I lightly touch her clitoris with my finger tips. I took one long sniff of her pussy. It smelled like sex.

"Mmmm," she said as the air from my sniff tickled her. I start to massage her clit and soon I was fingering her aggressively. I cant help myself. Her whorish body drives me /crazy/">crazy.

"Ohhh John, that feels so good."

I smiled devilishly and started to finger her even more thinking what a slut she really is.

"Oh John yes," she squirms. "Finger me," she begs.

I kept quiet and slid three fingers in and out of her fast and deep.

"Aahh. Hmmm baby. You make me feel so good. Yes. Finger /cunt/cunt-fuck/fuck-my-cunt/">fuck my cunt. Just like that baby," she kept talking.

I can feel her extreme arousal. "You like that dont you you cheap little slut."

She opened and eyes and saw me with my finger deep inside her /hole/love-hole/">love hole.


"Hi baby."

"What are you doing?" she tried to squirm away from me but I didnt let her. I continued to finger fuck her.

She moaned involuntarily and still tries to get away. "You were begging me to continue werent you?"

"I-I thought you were John."

"Does it make any difference? You just want to be screwed dont you?"

"Please Mark stop it."

"Now, now Jenny. I know who you really are." I slide my fingers out of her hole and lets her taste herself and played with her /nipples/nice-nipple/">nice nipple with my other hand.

"Oohhh Mark. Stop," she tries to move white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie back.

I ram my fingers hard and deep into her again. I knew she liked it that way.

"Ooohh yeah! Oohh yeah!" she moaned. "No! Stop. I cant do this."

I wriggle my fingers inside her.

"Oooh hah! Hhmmm. P-please. Stop."

"But you like it. I use my thumb to rub hard against her clit. "You also like this dont you?" I smile.

"I-i cant." I keep ramming as she opposes. "Ooohh yes. Mark! Aaaahh!"

"Tell me youre a slut. Tell me!" as I slap her breast.

"Im a slut."

"Now beg me to fuck you."

"Please fuck me."

I smile as I enter her without warning her. I fuck her roughly not caring for what she feels although I know she loves it.

Bending her over, I enter her love hole from behind. It felt so nice around my cock. "Ooohh yes you slut. Youre gonna let me fuck you arent you? Youre going to cheat on your boyfriend."

"Yes, yes," shes panting. "Fuck me! I want that cock of yours inside me."

"I knew you were a slut. You dont fool me with that demure attitude. Tell me what you are."

"Im a slut."

"Yes you are. Youre a cheap slut. From now on youre going to let me use you whenever I want. You understand?" I move my cock in and out of her. I spank her /ass/big-ass/">big ass and squeezed her tit as I pulled her to me.

"Oohhh yes. Im youre slut. Ill be your whore."

I slapped her again as I let her go and rammed into her. I forced her to kneel as I /mouth/mouth-fuck/fuck-her-mouth/">fuck her mouth. She looked so sexy with my cock in her mouth. The cheating slut. I fuck her mouth hard. I fuck her in all the positions I know. I fucked her over and over again until we both tire ourselves out. I came so much.

I used my camera and started to take pictures of her. She protested but she stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv didnt have any choice. I took close up pictures of her freshly fucked pussy, cummed on and gaping. I took pictures of her nipples and one with her lying on the bed with her legs spread like a prostitute.

I left before John even came back.