The Priest Teaches His Flock Ch 9 Ch 10

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The Priest Teaches His Flock Ch 9 Ch 10

Chapter 9-Sally?s Sister Meets The Bishop

Sally?s younger sister, Charlotte sat at the desk while the Bishop stood over her. Charlotte had always been a bit of a rebel, which was why she was in the Bishop?s office now. Sally was the one who got the attention; Sally was so good. Sally was even taking lessons from Father John. Charlotte couldn?t have private lessons like Sally, because she wasn?t old enough, yet. ?Why can?t you be like Sally?? they always asked. Well, she had fixed them. She?d snuck out of the house the last two days to see the Bishop, to ask him to teach her like Father John was teaching Sally. It was curious; he had smiled at her and agreed as long as she?d promised to keep their sessions private. Charlotte immediately agreed, swearing ?under God? that she would not reveal anything that happened during the classes. He also decided to call her by her middle name, Charlotte, not Becky her first name, telling her it was a more grown up name, grown up like she was.

The classes had started normal enough, the Bishop very attentive to Charlotte, though he seemed to touch her more than usual. Whenever she came into the room or left, his hand would touch or lightly slap sexxxx video ful hd her butt. Lately it seemed to rest on her bottom longer and longer, Charlotte?s moving away the only reason he stopped. But Charlotte didn?t think that it was a bad thing, liking the attention, attention that Sally was not getting. And, he was always complimenting her. 

?Such a pretty girl you are, Charlotte, so mature for your age,? his hand lingering on her upraised butt as she got ready to leave for the day. ?Tomorrow I will teach you some very special things,? he teased, his hand still smoothing over her skirt, patting her gently, ?so pretty.?

She?d snuck out of the house the next day as well, the Bishop eagerly awaiting his young student. She sat in the chair, reading from the Bible while the Bishop hovered over her, looking down at the pretty girl, her breasts pushing out against her blouse, her skirt slipping down over her knees hiding the lovely pair of legs from his eyes.

The Bishop reached down, ?You are such a pretty girl, Charlotte, and so good, always obeying,? he whispered as his hand slid up and down her naked arm, accidentally brushing against her breast, her big eyes looking up at him, looking to see if it was an accident or intentional. ?So pretty,? smiling as his hand returned to her arm, feeling her naked flesh tremble beneath his large hand. His hand touched her breast again, this time Charlotte didn?t even look up, becoming bolder now. ?Such a /good/good-girl/">good girl,? brushing lightly over the tips of her breasts, seeing her hands clench on the table, letting him have his way with her.

The Bishop was becoming bolder. The /first-time/">first time, she thought it was an accident, his hand brushing against her breast. But it returned, this time tapping at the tips, her body quivering in excitement as she felt the feel of unfamiliar hands on her intimate flesh. Her nipples seem to explode, pushing painfully out on her white cotton bra. She felt so naughty, letting the Bishop touch her. Charlotte had been masturbating for a number of years, enjoying the touch of her fingers. She often fantasized of being spanked, her bottom naked, over the lap of an older man while he slapped her naked ass cheeks. Or of being stripped naked in front of others while they watched her humiliation. These fantasies always gave her intense orgasms. She thought it would be dirty, but this was the Bishop, not some boy trying to feel her up in the movies. It made her excited that the Bishop would be interested in her body. It made her feel so much older and mature, like Sally.

The Bishop leaned over Charlotte, whispering into her ear, his hand moving to her knee, resting on it. ?You?re much prettier than your sister,? Charlotte looking down as his hand began to caress her leg, like it was happening to someone else, not her. ?You don?t mind me touching your leg, do you, Charlotte? You?re such a good girl. You want to be like Sally, don?t you??

She squirmed in the chair, the Bishop?s hand slowly moving in circles, each time going higher, his fingers slowly dragging up her skirt as they moved, her knee now naked to his touch, a fact that his hand soon recognized, moving down to touch the naked flesh. She jumped when he touched her, almost as if she was being touched by electricity, the feel so unfamiliar.

?Move your chair back, Charlotte,? the Bishop?s voice commanding, Charlotte not even hesitating before she slid it back, farther away from the desk. She knew that she was giving him easier access to her legs, but he was the Bishop. He knew what was best for her. Her mother had told her that she should always trust the priests. It should go doubly for the Bishop, she thought. And he thought she was so pretty, not like the others that always complimented pretty Sally, ignoring Charlotte. ?Does Father John do this to Sally??

?Father John has taught Sally how to obey and to serve the Lord. There are many ways to serve the Lord and pleasing your priest or bishop is very important. Are you mature enough to celebrate before God?? The Bishop looked at her /sweet/">sweet lips, the big blue eyes, the perky tits pushing out her blouse and those lovely legs and considered the hidden treasures beneath her skirt.

She looked up at the Bishop, her eyes staring into his. ?Yes, I want to serve the Lord. Like my sister does,? she stated. ?Momma says I must obey Father John and I guess she means you also. I will do whatever you want,? resigning her fate to the man that stood over her, secure in the knowledge that he knew best for her.

?That?s a good girl,? his hands reaching down to her legs again, touching her naked knees, returning to caress her naked flesh. He moved higher up her legs, her skirt creeping up, his powerful hands squeezing her teenage flesh as she sat in the chair her hands still clutched tightly. ?Open your legs,? the sound of that command sending shivers through her body.

She felt a little embarrassed, humiliated and at the same time naughty and very excited, letting him do these dirty things to her body. She willingly complied, her legs relaxing, her destiny literally in his hands. 

?You?re such a good girl, Charlotte,? his hands now able to slip between her knees, rubbing her thighs, feeling the satiny flesh. His hand under her skirt was making it move up higher and higher, his eyes gazing at her lovely legs as the naked flesh was slowly revealed to him. He loved the feel of her young skin, rubbing up and down her thighs, each time moving higher, his large hand forcing her legs wider.

?Let me touch you higher, Charlotte,? his voice soft and soothing as he felt her thighs begin to clench tighter the closer he moved to the vee between her legs. ?You?re such a pretty girl, such lovely thighs. I need to see your lovely legs,? his hands pulling her skirt out of the way, his fingers searching between her thighs.

She sat there, letting him lift her skirt, her hands at her side, not willing to interfere with a Bishop. Especially one that liked her so much. One that thought she was pretty, prettier than her sister. No, she would let him do what Father John does to Sally. Not sure what that was, but eager to please.

?Stand up,? he ordered her, pulling on her arm before she even had a chance to react. ?Yes, that?s good,? his hands moving to the bottom of her skirt and slowly pulling it up, watching as her legs began to be xxx sex video download free com exposed. He raised her skirt higher, ?look in the mirror Charlotte,? pointing to the full-length mirror on the wall to the side.

Charlotte looked at her reflection, her pussy instantly getting wet at the sight. The Bishop was raising her skirt, her naked legs clearly visible, her white panties now coming into view, his eyes watching as she was being denuded for him.

?Turn sideways, see how pretty you are. The Lord gave you a beautiful body and you must share it with your Bishop,? his hands on her hips, turning her so she profiled in the mirror, his hands now under her skirt on her panties. ?Grab your skirt and pull it above your waist for me, Charlotte. Show the Lord your body,? he encouraged her.